Its The Small Things

Now I’m hoping a lot of you can relate to this….. having one of those days when you wished you went back to bed and could start it all over again…. !

You wake up fine, have breakfast ready and raring to go and then started feeling sluggish, can’t be bothered to do anything (when you have so much to do). You then get cross at yourself for not moving or not doing anything , not achieving anything and then the worse part comes….. I call it the ball of fury. It’s like something or someone has taken over your body and you are the moodiest,  stroppiest,  most miserable person ever!  You literally feel like you need a big sign on your head saying warning keep away or approach with caution.  You can’t explain to anyone how you feel or they tell you to cheer up and you say you can’t. You then try and work out what will get rid of it and you can’t and it’s just a vicious circle!

You don’t know whether to scream or cry!

Strike 1 – So today I had an appointment to go to and they ended up being 1 hour and 10 minutes late and then I didn’t even get an apology! But what is more annoying if you are ever 5- 10 minutes late for an appointment its either cancelled straight away or you get charged. 

Strike 2 – I was sat in a big queue waiting for petrol and there are 8 pumps but of course on a busy Friday night only 3 work and the one you get isn’t for the side of your car. So I thought, that’s fine, I’ve got time to kill I can wait …… (for so long) then the pump doesn’t extend long enough to get to the other side of your car … and to top it off my whole petrol cap feel off the car all the screws came loose and this was right in the middle of the petrol station with everyone looking at me. 

Strike 3 – Then I was stood in the queue to pay and because I was having a rubbish day I wanted to eat anything and everything. I was eyeing up all the chocolate bars, do I go for the cheapest one so I don’t feel bad, do I go for the less calorie one, do I eat half now and half later? Literally so many thoughts going round my head and I came to the final decision and I said NO don’t do it. After I walked out and I didn’t even think of the chocolate – it was only because it was the temptation of it being right in front of me -I felt so proud of myself.

Strike 4-  When you attempt to birthday present shop and you know the exact gift you need to buy and it’s out of stock in all 4 shops you have just traveled to in different locations (hence needing the petrol).

Strike 5- When your driving around in a small village and its a one way system so you need to let a lot of people go. Naturally you have those drivers who think they know best and drive straight at the traffic and then they cause the jam. Twice today I stopped to let the oncoming traffic come through so all of us could move somewhere and then this huge 7 seater people carrier totally ignored me and drove round me like I was parked up (clearly not I might add) and then no one could move anywhere. They made it ten times worse, so I stayed put and then another car comes and does exactly same thing again! I just sat back and watched the road rage from all the other drivers. 

So all in all not the best and I guess not the worst ever but I got through it!

The absolute last thing I wanted to do today was to go and exercise, get sweaty, get out of breath and make every muscle in my body sore…. BUT now it was the best thing I could of done! It made me feel like a different person. When I had finished the session all the anger, the hunger, the tiredness, the ‘I can’t be bothered feeling’ it all disappeared. I have no idea where the energy came from but I felt fantastic with all those endorphins kicking in and positive energy.

Then to top it off I had the most amazing home cooked (healthy) dinner to come home to and big nice log fire.

So I just wanted to share this with you guys to show we are all human everyone has their up and down days and it can be the most silliest small things that can wind you up. But tomorrow is a new day and I’m going to go to sleep and wake up and start a new fresh day!