Lockdown Life

Wow! How so much can change it such little time. The complete unexpected, unknown life changing experience.

I went from working 40- 50 hours a week to 0 all within the space of a day. Crazy! Having your everyday routine and income taken away is a big shock to the system. However I surprised myself with my reaction to it. If someone told you this was going to happen you would panic, overthink, stress, get angry and just wouldn’t know what to do or where to begin. My gob was definitely smacked with the shock of what happened but still had a calm approach to it. Its a situation that is completely out of my hands, that is completely out of anyone’s hands. As time went on and the more we learnt about the virus the things that I lost didn’t become important to any degree in comparison to looking after my health, my family, my other half and friends health. It really is serious.

Getting into my ‘new’ routine was very strange. I didn’t even know if I had a routine or I was just rolling with each day. Where do you begin? How long will this last for? What happens next? I think for a lot of people including myself everyone had an awful a lot of questions and no clue where, when, how to find the answers.

Eventually as time went on I automatically started to develop a routine. My busy crazy hour weeks to nothing was a big shock to the system. I knew this is time I would never get back again and have the chance to sit back and really think what I want, what I enjoy. We get so caught up with our everyday lives that we never give find that time to really think what we are doing and whether we enjoy it. A MASSIVE part of our lives are taken up with working, even if you got two days off at the weekend 9 times out of 10 end up being taken over with the endless ‘to do’ list you have that . Before we know it it is Sunday evening again and we are getting ready for the week ahead. Its a very similar situation I find as well with holidays. We work so hard, long hours, extra days to save up for that one or if your lucky two week break you give yourself throughout the year. When do we ever give our self time to sit down and think about what we are doing about jobs, relationships, friendships, family, money, our everyday lifestyle. WE DON’T.

Lockdown has really given me the chance to sit down and think about all of these things and I really hope that others have managed to do the same. I am a great believer in if you want something – go get it.

I’ve had up and down down days, who hasn’t. My main priority throughout this has been everyones health. Then the thought and planning of starting up my life again. Learning what is best for me, what I want to achieve and how I am going to do it.

It amazing how we took everything for granted of being able to nip into a shop, stop off for a drink, see friends and family when we want, hug our loved ones, order something and delivered to you straight away, go out and eat food, go to our local gyms, having that support of a current income to not having the facility to be able to do or have any of those things.

If lockdown has taught me anything its that we really should appreciate the small things in life and not take what we have for granted. This is time for a new start and to create a new lifestyle of things you enjoy and love. I always used to be living life on overdrive and feel that if I wasn’t busy then that was a waste of an hour/morning/day , now I realize that it is equally important to build in me time each day and time to relax. Its only in these quiet times that we can step back and review our lives and our businesses with a fresh pair of eyes and a clear vision.