Every girls favorite thing to do!

But not mine! I hate clothes shopping with a passion.  I wish I had a rail of clothes that just turns up in the perfect sizing, colours and fitting.

There is always a process for every shop you go into. You begin with walking in like a lost puppy to see what takes your fancy. Once you find that item you like you then have to go through to find the size you need, then it gets serious, the evaluation process …

1. Is that going to fit
2. Is this the actual the right size for what is says it is
3. Well which size shall I try
4. Do I really like it
5. What would I wear this with
6. Which colour shall I try
7. Oh well let’s take two different colours and another in a different size (kills two birds with one stone) perfect!
8. By this point you have ended up with 4 items in your hand. 

You’ve sorted all the problems out….. until you find another top, shorts, skirt or jeans you like and have and your back at square one with your evaluation process …. so by the time you get to the fitting rooms you look like member of staff there as you have half the store in your hands.

The changing rooms

This is the vital moment there are two ways this is going to go…

1. Calmly- easy to make the decision I don’t need a second opinion, chilled- not a inch of sweat on me, perfect sizing- everything fits beautifully- success- found exactly what I wanted, decision time – can I afford it.


2. Stressed- I can’t decide which one… does it fit properly, will I actually wear this, I need a second opinion why didn’t I bring someone, doesn’t fit – to big or to small, I’m to hot and sweaty I need to get out, disappointed- I haven’t found what I needed where else can I go. Decision time- shall I get it anyway as not found anything- but I can’t afford it.

My favourite quote I hear in the fittings rooms all the time from others and I will admit this runs through my head and I tell myself this a lot……

‘Oh I’ll buy it and lose weight!’

Solves all problems in the world .. until you then end up with a wardrobe full of clothes that don’t actually fit as you’ve use that moto on every purchase. However we can use it as a positive because it does motivate you to lose the weight to be able to fit in all those glamorous clothes.

When you get to that stage of when you can wear that top that has been sat in your wardrobe for the past 6 months still with the label on. It is the best feeling ever. It really drives you to succeed more. When I first had this experience I was feeling fed up. I stood on those scales and didn’t drop 1 single number. I couldn’t understand it as I could see the changes in my body and my clothes were feeling looser. So one day I thought well lets just try it on and have hope that it is going to fit.

It FIT!  I was gobsmacked! My gob was definitely smacked! I couldn’t believe it. The scales may of not shown any difference but my body had started to find its shape and start to tone.

Don’t give up with those clothes that are sat in your wardrobe. You can and will fit in to them. Set yourself a challenge, pick one item and set yourself a goal whether its 12 weeks, 3 months, 6 months or even a year and work towards it.

You will look and feel like a million pounds!